Methods to Set Up Apple Pay Cash On iPhone Devices:

This is all about how to Set-up Apple Pay Cash On iPhone devices without any hassle. Apply these steps to go ahead with this matter. Still, if the problem persists then we are here to guide you with the most suitable choice of solution.

Steps to set-up Apple Pay Cash on iPhone devices:

Step-1: try to work with the “Settings app” button on your iPhone device

Step-2: Click “Wallet & Apple Pay” icon and switch to your Apple Pay Cash option.

Step-3: Choose “Apple Pay Cash card” button as per as guidelines by Apple Support technicians

Step-4: Tap on “Continue” button to agree to all terms and conditions.

Step-5: Now, create an Apple Pay Cash card.

Step-6: Finally, connect with the bank’s debit card. That’s all

In Case if You are Still Going Through setup, Get in Touch With iPhone Support Number +1-855-267-5995 For Further Technical Help.