Apple is undoubtedly the most sensational name in the Smartphone industry. Being completely out of the competition of Android phones, Apple has always managed to stay on top of the best Smartphone list. iPhone 6s is one name that is quite older in the list of iPhones. Even so, iPhone 6s is a remarkable choice for those of you who want small budget iPhones. If you still have doubts like “whether I should buy this iPhone or another one?” or, “Will this iPhone work sufficiently according to my requirements?”. In this blog, all your questions will be answered. For any specific inquiry, call our iPhone 6s customer support phone number and our experts will answer your doubts.

highlights of iPhone 6s specifications:

Check out the cool specs of iPhone 6s which will tell you whether you should bring the mobile beast to your home or pass to another one. Of course, iPhone 7, 8 and X series has surpassed these specs, so it is up to you whether you will give you budget more priority or the latest specs.

  • processor: It uses iOS 9. It runs with the 2 Giga Hz Dual Core processor and Apple A9 chipset.
  • display: you will get a 4.7 inch LED screen IPS enabled with multiple touch facility. It has fingerprint sensor o the home button.
  • camera: It comes with a 12MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera with lots of smart features like face detection, dual LED flash, geo-tagging, etc. The video mode supports up to 8 MP recording, HDR, smile recognition, etc.
  • battery: Like all the iPhones. the battery backup is great which can support a lifeline of u 2 days with minimal performance.

iPhone 6s Pros and Cons that you must consider before buying:

Every upgrade comes with something good and something bad, which inspires apple to incorporate new changes in the upcoming models. Before buying iPhone 6s, you need to weigh up these positives and negatives a little.

  • iPhone 6s is more powerful performer than the iPhone 6. It has a 3x stronger Aluminum chassis to hold up the performance speed.
  • it comes with a higher water resistance.
  • It incorporates 3D touch feature, which was not there in the previous iPhones. With this, you can perform different commands using special movements of your finger.
  • the 4G connectivity speed in this phone is quite faster than its predecessors
  • iPhone 6s is not bigger or wider than the earlier edition of iPhone 6. Moreover, the successor weights more that it’s forerunner.
  • It does not support dual SIM or FM radio
  • The battery is non-removable. So even if the battery is causing any problem, you cannot replace it easily without spending huge money.
  • There is no major change in the appearance of iPhone 6s from the iPhone 6, which also caused huge depression in Apple’s iPhone 6s sales.
  • This device is not dust proof or waterproof.

avail our instant iPhone 6s customer support:

At the end of the day, it is up to you whether you should take the leap of faith or not. We can guide you, give you expert suggestions, other options. Whenever you have any doubts or inquiry about the phone, give us a call at our iPhone 6s customer support phone number +1-888-804-8920, or send a message at our live chat services. We want you to have the best experience with our iPhone 6s support.

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