Verification failed There was an error connecting to Apple ID Server- Fixed

There was an error connecting to Apple ID Server

If your favourite gadget shows the message Verification failed There was an error connecting to Apple ID Server, don’t panic. It is quite a common issue for many Apple users who can experience this error due to several technical reasons. If you are not tech-savvy, it will be difficult for you to resolve this problem without technical fixes. So, check out this article, as it will cover the underlying causes of getting Apple ID verification failure problem. Here, you can learn a few technical fixes that can help to fix this error and allow you to reconnect to the Apple ID server. Apple Support

Reasons Behind Verification Failed ‘There Was An Error Connecting To Apple ID Server’ Error

Many iPhone users are facing this problem right after updating their iOS version. It not only restricts them to log into their iCloud but Apple Store and iTunes account as well. As there can be many causes of getting Verification failed There was an error connecting to Apple ID Server message, let’s check the common ones.

  • Many users fail to realize that the internet connection is already interrupted during or after updating iOS. So, if you don’t have a stable cellular or WiFi connectivity, it may display this error on Apple devices.
  • In case you have turned off the option of ‘set time/date automatically’ and trying to connect to the Apple server, it can generate this issue.
  • If the drivers in your Apple device is outdated, it can affect the login verification due to lack of proper updates. Also, if your gadget has a corrupted driver, you will be stuck in an endless loop of not logging into the device.
  • Some updates have bugs that cause the network connections in your Apple iPhone to turn off automatically. So, if you have recently installed an incorrect update, it can disable the WIFi option and cause this login error.
  • In many devices, this Apple ID login error can generate due to issues with the Keychain access and incorrect certificate settings to access the login page.

Steps To Fix Verification Failure Issue And Connect To Apple ID Server

To resolve the issue, check the following solutions.

General Method To Fix Verification Error On Apple Devices

Your first task is to ensure whether the internet connection is active when you are trying to login to Apple device. If the recent update has disabled the WiFi option, then enable it to fix the error. In case the issue persists, reboot your iPhone device by holding down both Home and Power keys simultaneously. If the error exists, then you have to reset the WiFi router to fix the verification failure problem. For users getting this error in iTunes, you can sign out of the Apple device and log in again. So open ‘Settings’ under iTunes & App Store, tap on Apple ID and click on ‘Sign Out’ option. As you login back to the server, the message Verification failed There was an error connecting to Apple ID Server may get resolved.

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Alternate Methods To Resolve Apple ID Verification Error
  1. You can enable ‘Set Time/Date Automatically’ option, as a wrong date and time details can cause this error. To check the settings, go to device Settings and click on General. There, you can select the ‘Set Time/Date Automatically’ under ‘Date & Time’ and enable the option.
  2. Delete the browsing history, cache and cookies from browsers on your Apple device. You can do this by accessing the Settings section in the iPhone or other devices.
  3. If your device is blocking the access to login to Apple ID server, it can malfunction. So, just access the iCloud account using a new working device and enter the old Apple ID. Once it generates the verification code successfully, it means the error is resolved.

Contact Our Apple Support Experts For Further Support

After applying the above fixes, if the message Verification failed ‘There was an error connecting to Apple ID Server’ persists, reach us. Our team consists of Apple geeks who have years of experience to resolve gadget errors. So, consult our Apple tech support professionals to get reliable technical solutions to fix login failure error.

If you want to request services from our Apple Support team, reach us via three modes of communication. First, you can place your request by phone by calling Apple Customer Support Number. Also, you can request technical fixes on any gadget issues by dropping an email or through online chat portal facilities.

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