How To Take A Screenshot On A Mac

How To Take A Screenshot On A Mac

Taking a screenshot on Mac lets you capture the recent moment of your screen. Hence, taking, sharing and saving screenshots are helpful to the users as well. Apart from this, there are many reasons for what you might take screenshots.

But if you don’t know the processes on how to take a screenshot on a Mac, then read this comprehensive guide thoroughly. There are a few effective methods by the application of which you can easily take a screenshot on your Mac device.

Hence, look at the next section and follow the steps exactly stated here.

Here is How you can take a Screenshot on your Mac device:

Thankfully, capturing a screenshot on your Mac device is very easy. You can use the combination of laptop keys or use commands to take a screenshot. So, without making any mistakes, follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Take a Screenshot of the Whole Screen?

If you want to take a screenshot of your whole screen, then the very first thing that you should do is to press the Command, Shift and 3 at the same time on your keyboard. Once you hear the camera or shutter sound, release all the keys immediately.

This is the most basic process to capture a screenshot. By implementing this process, you will take a screenshot of your full screen. Remember that the screenshot will be saved as a png file.

If you want to find the picture on the desktop, then press down Command and F and click on the search bar. Write down “screenshot time/date” and find the file from here.

Take a Screenshot of a Section:

Want to capture a section of the screen? Do the following.

  • At first, press the Command, Shift and 4 keys at the same time.
  • Now, you will see that the small cursor will turn into a small reticule with pixel coordinate numbers. Look at the lower left of the screen to find this icon.
  • Then, press and hold your trackpad or mouse and drag the cursor.
  • After that, select a rectangular area you want to take a screenshot.
  • As an alternative process, you can press the Esc button and start taking the screenshot.
  • After selecting the area, release the click and save this file in your preferred location.
  • At the final step, locate that location and check if the screenshot is saved there or not.

How to Take Screenshot of a Window?

To capture a window, you have to first press the Command, Shift, 4 and the Space button simultaneously on your keyboard. By this process, the cursor will turn into a small camera icon. 

Also, the required window will be highlighted blue in color. After that, you should highlight the window that you are going to take a screenshot. Further, press the Command and Tab or F3 to array the present windows.

Through this process, you can recycle the opened applications. After that, tap on the Esc button for canceling without taking a photo. Then, tap on the highlighted area. To find this file, move to the File option and open it. Then from there, find this file.

Follow this Section to Save a Screenshot to the Clipboard:

If you want to save a screenshot to the clipboard, then at first, press the Command button and execute any above commands stated in the previous solutions. This procedure will save the screenshot to the clipboard rather than a file on the desktop.

After that, you have to paste the screenshot into a word processing document, an image or an email as per your choice. To do the same, hold the Command and V altogether.

As an alternative, right-click on the mouse and choose the Paste option from the Edit menu. 

How to Take a Screenshot in Review?

At the initial step, open the Preview option. To do so, navigate to Finder and then click on the Application folder. After that, choose Application by double-clicking on it.

  • Now, open the File menu and locate your cursor over the Take Screenshot option. 
  • In the present window, choose an option: From Windows, From Selection or From Entire Screen.
  • Then tap on “From Selection” and your cursor will turn into a reticle. After that, tap on and drag across the area you desire to capture.
  • Now, select the “From Window” option and check if the cursor will turn into a scall camera icon or not. Then hover the mouse and highlight the window you want to take a screenshot.

Now, choose the “Entire Screen” icon and begin the countdown. Arrange the screen and select the way you want to capture a picture. Keep waiting until the timer runs down.

At the final step, you need to save the new image you just have taken. The screenshot will automatically open as an untitled Preview image window. Just launch the File menu and choose the Save option. To rename the file, click on it and give a new name. Finally, tap on Save.

Hopefully, now you will now be able to take a screenshot on a Mac device according to your own needs. But somehow if you ever face any difficulties, then you can install “Grab” for Mac. It is a third-party application that helps you to take a screenshot. Else get connected with experts for more advanced solutions.