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Basic Steps To Remove Popup Ads From Mac

Pop-up ads are type of advertisements that tends to open over or under the browser window, in another tab, or simply can be visible as a graphic element within the current window on which users are working. To help get a control over pop-ups on devices like Mac, one needs to make sure that the software is updated as suggested by Mac Technical Support experts.

Similarly like phishing email, there are pop-ups that pretend to be from Apple or any other trusted company to trick users into giving a feel of personal information. These pop-ups even may as an alert message by saying that there’s a problem with the user’s Apple product. So, if you’re concerned about any pop-up, users should take an immediate precaution to resolve.

Updating the software

Users should always keep their software updates on devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and yes of-course for Mac too. Users may also find few software updates that will by default include improvements to help control pop-up advertisements.

Steps to remove popup ads from Mac

Step1: Close pop-up ads

  • If users come across pop-ups, then they should first close those pop-up ads on the Mac device
  • Starting the procedure by closing any pop-up which is visible on the Mac devices.

Step2: If the Mac is executing on the Safari 9.1

  • Tap on the “close” button on the pop-up as suggested by Apple Mac Tech Support expert team.
  • If the pop-up reappears or even it’s the case that it does not close, then one needs to click on the “CROSS” button which is located on the tab or then close the entire Safari window.

Step3: If the Mac is executing on Safari 9 (prior to version 9.1)

  • If users are encountering these pop-ups on Safari9, them choose a “Don’t show more alerts from this webpage” checkbox option.
  • Next, select the “checkbox” before closing the pop-up.

Step4: If the Mac is executing on an earlier version of Safari or the pop-up won’t close in Safari 9:

  • In this case, users need to force Safari to close. The next time when you open up the “Safari” simply hold the “Shift” key while Safari opens.
  • This will further prevent Safari from automatically reopening any Windows.
  • Choose the “About Safari” in the Safari menu and then check the version number carefully.

Customer Support Service Number

Get in touch with our Apple Mac Customer Support to Remove Popup Ads From Mac and resolving any kind of Apple related issue in future. We are available all day long to help customers in overcoming with their daily problem.