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Install Network Printer in Mac OS X

How to Install Network Printer in Mac OS X?

Mac OS comes with generic printer drivers that may not function with your network printers. You may start wandering to know the steps to Install Network Printer in Mac OS X but unfortunately do not find the reliable service yet. Now, you are suggested to take assistance from the tech-savvy person via grasping our top-notch service where you can share all your difficulties in a freely manner. For sure, the answer of this query will be in your hand without any difficulty.

Install Network Printer in Mac OS X

Mac OS is a series of graphical operating systems developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is used by millions of users across the globe for its latest innovation and features. Network Printer is the one feature which is latest assign in Mac OS X. If you are using this gadget, then you may willing to install this into the device. Avail Mac OS X Repair Service at the comfort from your home and get the effective ways of completing the installation process.

Steps To Install Network Printer in Mac OS X:-

Keep your eyes feast on the below points where you will get the answer:

  • First and foremost select “System Preferences” from the Apple menu
  • After that double click on “Print & Scan” option
  • Click on the plus sign button from the Print & Scan window
  • Now, click on the “IP” tab in the Print Browser window
  • Set Protocol to HP Jetdirect
  • For Address, enter the IP address of the printer you want to add
  • Leave the Queue field blank. The Name and Location fields are the reference to keep track of your printers
  • Do not select Generic Postscript Printer to Print. OS X will try to locate an appropriate driver but if it cannot, then download the correct driver
  • Click on the name of the printer from the printer list to download driver
  • After that click on “Add” button, the lab printer will be added to your list of printers

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Apple Mac Repair Service

Make Connection With Techies For Handy Solution

If all goes well! You will then finally have a new printer set up on your machine and it can also configure its options by just clicking on ‘Options and Supplies’. But in case you are still experiencing some problem while installing process, then it is our suggestion to lend a hand with dexterous techies via dialing Mac OS X Support Number +1-855-267-5995. Here, you will be in connection with educated techies at an instant and they will provide you the required solution at an ease.