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5 Ways to Force Quit an Application in Mac OS X

When an application is crashed on your Mac computer then obviously you feel frustrated but don’t worry it is not a complex issue. To resolve this issue you require to force quit that program in Mac OS X.

Below are the five methods to force quit an application in Mac OS X as suggested by the Mac OS X Support.

5 Ways to Force Quit an Application in Mac OS X


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Method 1: Activity Monitor

  • Visit Spotlight and input ‘Activity Monitor’, and then click on application that displays on your screen.
  • Locate and choose the tool or procedure that you wish to kill in any one of the tabs.
  • Press ‘stop’ button in the top. This will force the program to quit.

Method 2: Menu Bar

  • In the top left corner of your screen you need to click on the “Apple” icon.
  • Choose “Force Quit” in the menu. This will start the Force Quit program window.
  • Here choose the application you wish to force quit. If the application has crashed, it will show message “Not Responding” in the menu.

Method 3: Dock Contextual Menu

  • Press the Option key and right-click on the program icon in the dock. This will start a small list of alternatives, called as contextual menu.
  • Here choose “Force Quit”. This will terminate the program that you pick in the dock.

Method 4: Terminal Commands

  • Launch the Terminal application.
  • Search here the Process ID. When you discover the name of application, search the number at left in Process ID column.
  • Keep a note of the Process ID number.
  • Then input “q”. This will close the list of applications and you will view command line.
  • Then input “kill ###”. Substitute “###” with the number in PID Column.

Method 5: Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Type Command + Option + Esc at a same time. This will launch the Force Quit program window.
  • Choose the application you wish to force quit. If the application is crashed, it will display error message “Not Responding”.
  • The final step is to click on the button “Force Quit”.

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