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How To Fix Mac Error Code 1025 in Outlook?

Users who are using Mac devices may sometimes come across an error known as “cannot create Mailbox” which clearly defines the error code 1025 or even it may appear as “unknown namespace” message. The error usually occurs while updating the Mac Outlook 2011 or at the time of using IMAP account.

People who are not updated with the outlook version and is using Mac device are requested to update it and check for the certain issue. Also, it is often advised for users to re-create an IMAP account and delete the previous one. Here, we will guide users on how to Fix Mac Error Code 1025 in Outlook. Let’s see all the below steps now.

Fix Mac Error Code 1025 in MS Outlook

Steps to fix Mac Error Code 1025 in Outlook | “Cannot create Outlook Mailbox” in Mac

Users should follow all the below mentioned instructions to get rid of this issue first.

Step 1: Access the Mac Outlook account
  • Firstly, simply open the Mac Outlook account.
  • Your next step is to hit on the “Tools menu” and click on the “Accounts” icon.
  • Now, select the IMAP account which you wish to remove
  • The next step is to press the “minus key (-)” to easily delete the account
Step 2: Re-Create the account
  • Follow all the below mentioned steps to re-create the account
  • Here, the first thing which is needed is simply to launch the Outlook account.
  • Now, hit on the Email Account. A point to be noted that if a user is already having an account installed in the system then, this step is not needed. So here, one simply needs to click on the “(+)” sign to add the E-mail account.
Step 3: Enter all your credentials 
  • In the next step enter the credentials of your account and then click on the Add Account button.
  • Tap on the “More Option” icon and select the option “Use Incoming Server Info from the authentication box”.
  • After you have completed the verification process which has been provided to you, click on the “OK” icon now.
  • Users who are working on the Outlook.com and are using MSN account, be sure that your email address will end up with the @msn.com

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