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How to Fix Mac Error -194 addResFailedAddResource failed?

This error is usually caused in the Mac device which displays message as “addResFailedAddResource failed” and occurs while users are trying to deploy a resource is already deployed in the System. Other reasons are when an OS X has internal hardware issue which prevents the System to perform few necessary operation. Other reasons include faulty registry entry, corrupted system files, severe virus as well as malware attacks and also malfunction of the OS X is one of the biggest causes of the Mac error -194.

To solve this issue, users are suggested to properly maintenance the PC not only to get rid of this issue but also avoid getting malfunctioning of the System as well asits components. So, to fix Mac error -194, it is essential for users to take necessary action as soon as possible.


Steps to Fix Mac Error -194 addResFailedAddResource failed

Step 1:Redeploy the application

It is suggested for users to work out on some resources which is already deployed so that they can easily change the “Application name” feature and afterwards redeploy the project.

Step 2: Delete all used resources from the application

Now, have a check on all the resource that are already in use within the application and delete them immediately when found on the application.

Step 3: Restart the device and fix all hardware issues

At last, one needs to restart the computer and perform a deep scan process of it with the help of effective antivirus cleaner software. The next thing is to simply fix all issues related to corrupt registry files as well as System files, repair the application files, fix all hardware or software issue and yes, recover files of the system. It will further keep all your data completely safe in the system.

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