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How to Fix iTunes Error Code 3014?

How to Fix iTunes Error Code 3014

Occasionally, the users may encounter the difficulties when you fix to upgrade your old IOS version to the latest one on their iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, so they may receive iTunes error code 3014. Typically, this error comes when a reset goes wrong. There could be several reasons due to happening this error, including, hardware issues, internet connections, OS problem, and the network had no signal, and WI-FI issue and another program maliciously or mistakenly deleted iTunes-related files, etc.  So, if you are facing exactly the same problem, then you don’t need to worry about it. Well, here the blog will explain to you very simple instructions or solutions to Fix iTunes Error Code 3014 and iPhone Error 3014. Then just follow the below-given troubleshooting solutions to speedily fix the issue.

Steps to Fix iTunes Error Code 3014 and iPhone Error 3014:

Solution 1: Update iTunes

Update iTunes

The first thing, you should do to check your iTunes, is that you have the older version of iTunes. If yes, then you will need to update your iTunes. Then you need to simply open iTunes and check for Update.  Follow the steps to this task.

  • Direct download it and wait for it to finish installing
  • After installing the latest version of iTunes, try to update or restore your iPad and check the error is gone.

In case, if the error is not solved, then go to the next solution.

Solution 2: Check the Date and Time on Your PC

Check the Date and Time on Your PC

You need to make sure that the Date and Time on your PC are correct. This might cause problems in the communication with Apple servers as it might create misunderstanding and cause the iTunes error code 3014 to show up.  Ensure that your date, time and time zone are correct.

Solution 3: Check your Antivirus Software

Check your Antivirus Software

Many times, the error associated with the antivirus or security software. So if you have found any type of problems on your device/computer, then immediately solve the error by updating your security software. Make sure that your security software is also up to date.

After then turning it off for a while and start updating your iPad.

Solution 4: DFU Mode

DFU Mode

The other best solution is to fix iPad Error Code 3014is to perform the task via DFU Mode. To do DFU mode, simply turn your iPad off. Launch iTunes and connect your device to a PC with a USB cable. Hold home button for at least 4-5 seconds and then hold the “sleep/wake” button simultaneously for a few seconds.

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Solution 5: Download IOS System Recovery Tool to Fix Problem without Losing Data

Download IOS System Recovery Tool to Fix Problem without Losing Data

If you want to quickly and effectively iPad Error Code 3014, without losing all your valuable data, then you have the best option is to Download IOS System Recovery Tool To Fix Problem.

Follow the below steps to perform this task:
  • Download & launch the software.
  • Open the IOS System Recovery software and move your cursor over to the blue left column.
  • Choose “More Tools”. Then attach your iPad to the Computer with a cable.
  • Click on the “Start” button.
  • Now you need to download the firmware for it to fix your faulty IOS.
  • When you finished, then it will recognize your device and modelautomatically, and give you the latest IOS version for download.
  • Make sure that you don’t need to disconnect your device.
  • It will repair your IOS device and get it out of the recovery mode.
  • After that, your device is restarted normally.
Now check the iTunes Error Code 3014 is fixed.

In case, you are getting the same error, then you must contact with the iTunes customer support team in order to get the comprehensive guide.

Customer Support Service Number

Dial Apple Customer Support Number to Connect with Technicians:-

Dial iTunes Technical Support Number 1-800-582-2431 to fix iTunes Error 3014 and other technical issues related to iPhone, iTunes, iPad, iCloud and iPod. The best mode for you is to connect with the well-experienced and certified iTunes Customer Support team. The experts will give you comprehensive guidance to fix this iTunes issue. Also, you will get reliable and enhanced solutions by highly skilled technicians help to fix other kinds of iTunes technical issues or queries. Hence, call now to proficient technicians, who are 24×7/365 days to your help on dialing a toll-free number and get instant help for further iTunes issues.