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Apple Application Support was not found

How To Fix Apple Application Support Error?

“Apple Application Support” is a single copy of program files used by different Apple programs. To Fix Apple Application Support Error, it is necessary to install QuickTime. So, if you are unable to install it by your own, then put a call at Apple Mac Customer Support Number +1-855-267-5995Here, you will get all the steps of installation process in a limited time as we have dexterous techies.

Fix Apple Application Support Error

How to install the latest version of QuickTime? Where to save that downloaded software? These two questions may come in your mind and you start searching for the answer of your question. But unfortunately no one around you helps you out. At that situation you are suggested to go through Apple Mac Customer Care Service to lend a hand with qualified technicians. Sometimes when you get that error, you are not supposed to do anything to annihilate it.

Follow the Steps to Fix Apple Application Support Error !!

Have an instant look at the below mentioned point where you get the answer in an simple way:

  • First of all go to “Control Panel” to see whether “QuickTime” is installed in your computer.
  • If it is already installed and still getting “Apple Application Support” error, then follow the below steps.
  • Open your “Browser” and type “Download QuickTime” in the search bar
  • Make sure that downloading QuickTime would be the latest version otherwise you will again get the same error
  • Before start downloading, uncheck “Keep me up to date with Apple news”
  • Now click on “Download Now”
  • Then click on the “Save as” button and select the “QuickTime Extension” file
  • Create a new folder and name it as “QuickTime” and then finally save that software into that folder
  • Once the downloaded has been completed, copy that folder name and create a new folder with the name of “file.bat”
  • Copy that extension and paste in the “file.bat” folder
  • Now type “QuickTime Installer.exe/extract”
  • Now if you click on the “QuickTime” you get the error “Apple Application Support” which means it is needed to install that downloaded file
  • So, right click on “QuichTime.exe” and hit on “Install” button
  • Now, it will take a few seconds, so wait for a while
  • Now, click on “Finish” button
  • After that, if you click on the “QuickTime” folder, you will no longer to face such an error message

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Apple Mac Repair Service

Dial Apple Mac Customer Service To Deal With Your Hiccups:

If you are still facing the same kind of error, then don’t feel blue as there is one more option in your hand which is to make a ring at Apple Mac Customer Service where your query will be tackled under top-most connoisseurs. One benefit for this top-notch service is that it is completely free of cost. So, don’t worry! If you haven’t money, just feel free to take aids from our technicians. They will be very happy to assist you.