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How to Fix Apple Mach-O Linker Error- Xcode?

How to Fix Apple Mach-O Linker Error- Xcode

When you are trying to compile in Xcode to build a mobile application for release, you receive the Apple Mach-O Linker error. This error is indicating the linker command failed with exit code 1. The error may cause due to various, includes Cache issue, Restarting Xcode, Simulator, and MAC issue, Ensuring proper linking of the Framework, etc. so, if you are facing the same issue, then don’t worry about it. Here, the blog will guide you very simple steps to Fix Apple Mach-O Linker Error?. You just need to follow the steps which are given below to simply resolve it.

Steps to Fix Apple Mach-O Linker Error- Xcode

Solution 1: Change Value

Change Value

Follow the step to fix this problem.

  • First, click on your project in the left sidebar
  • Then, click on “Build Settings” option.
  • Go to the “Other Linker Flags” option.
  • Click on the “Release” option.
  • Change the “-force_load” value from “${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/libCordova.a” to this value “${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/libCordova.a”.
  • After that, just re-compile and the error should go away.

If the error is not resolved, then go to the next solution.

Solution 2: Rename Target

Another possible cause to happening this error is if you rename one of your targets and you are using pods. You end up with a version of your old target name in the Frameworks folder in your main project (not the Pods project), like pods_oldtarget_framework which no longer exists.

You just delete the old version (or name your target back to its original and delete the new one), and you should be good to go.

Solution 3: Choose Your Project Again

Choose Your Project Again

The generally overwriting project may cause this problem. Then try this method to fix the log window displaying .xctest error. (UPDATE – Clang error – Mach-O Linker error)

Most of the case error log window displaying .xctest error, to fix it.

  • Select your project.
  • Next to this, (just before “General” tab), you just need to select your “projectTest” file from the drop-down.
  • Then there is one option (like ProjNameTests).
  • In the “Host Application”, you need to select your project from drop-down only if it shows custom.

Once done, then check the Apple Mach-O Linker error is resolved. If not, then go to the next solution.

Solution 4: Clean the Product and Run

Clean the Product and Run

  • Quit “Xcode”.
  • Restart the System
  • Select “Xcode” and then “Preferences”, it will open a pop-up window.
  • Select ‘Locations’.
  • In Locations, you will see “Derived Data”.
  • Click on the arrow icon right next to the path.
  • This will open a folder containing “Derived Data”, delete it.
  • Clean the Product and Run.

Solution 5: Add the .m file to Compile Source Page

Add the .m file to Compile Source Page

You should try to add the .m file to compile source page. Follow the steps to do task:-

  • First of all, clicking on the project in the navigation menu.
  • Select the target.
  • Choose build phases.
  • Select the “+” button and then add the file to compile sources.

Solution 6: Check Framework

You can also, try to check Framework to completely get rid of the issue.

After performing all the above steps, I hope your problem will fix.

In case, this Apple Mach-O Linker error is still appearing, then you must contact our Apple Customer Service team to obtain help.

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