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How to Fix Apple Error 53?

Apple devices are popular for their quality of being robust and of course for their impenetrable security. However, recently Apple iPhone featured in the news due to its Error 53 which is greatly wrecking the iPhones rendering all its data irrecoverable. Hence, Apple Error 53 is making the iPhone unusable and entirely useless. Here, you will find out what exactly is iPhone Error -53, how it is caused and finally how to fix the Error 53.

When the Error 53 was reported for the first time, Apple company announced that the Error 53 was, however, a protective security feature or preventing the third-party components or guest users from potentially damaging a user’s iPhone. However, after a large public uproar, Apple released a software that restored all the lost functionality to the damaged iPhones.

Apple Error 53

What is Apple Error 53 on iPhone?

One of the primary reasons for Error 53 to occur was the update of iPhone to iOS 9 or above after the replacement of Home button/ Touch ID fingerprint sensor by the third party. However, some users claimed that even though they didn’t get the button replaced but were still facing the error due to the slightly damaged or dislodged button. Whereas a few of them experienced the issue after getting their iPhone screen replaced by third parties.

These customers after updating their iOS faced the Error 53 code in iTunes and were unable to go back. Apple Error 53 completely hampers the phone rendering it unusable and useless. Users are also unable to access data and photographs. Even Apple company fails to repair it.

Reasons For Error 53 To Occur:

Apple has designed its Touch ID with a fingerprint sensor to keep your iPhone secure. This allows users to make secure mobile payments. However, when Apple detects that the iPhone has a mismatch between the Touch ID sensor and other components of a device, it labels the iPhone as unsafe and destroys it.

Apple uses the Secure Enclave to keep your fingerprint data safe. This means that the fingerprint data is stored safely within the chip on your iPhone and not on any other Apple server. This is only accessible by the Touch ID sensor on your Apple device.

Preventing The Error 53 On Your iPhone

Users face Apple Error 53 only when they have updated or restored their iPhone after getting their Touch ID fingerprint sensor replaced. As long as users avoid installing a system update or restoring their device from backup they will not face Error 53.

How to fix Error 53 if your iPhone gets affected

Apple has released the following fix to resolve the Error 53 issue.

  • Log out from iTunes from your Mac or PC.
  • If plugged in, unplug your iOS device from your computer.
  • Check if the latest version of iTunes is installed on your device.
  • Connect your iOS device to your computer through a USB cable.
  • Open iTunes and select your device from it.
  • Click on the Update or restore option in iPhone. This will restore your device with all your data intact.
  • If you are unable to skip Apple logo screen, then you need to force restart your iPhone. Click on the Restore option.
  • As the Hello screen appears, follow the onscreen steps to set your device.
  • If you have created backup previously, use it to set your device.
  • Next, when Touch ID screen appears, select the option to Set Touch ID later.
  • The following instructions will resolve your iPhone Error 53 problem. However, if your iPhone Touch ID wasn’t working before you got the error 53, it is confirmed that the feature won’t work after you have updated or restored your device.
Contact Apple Customer Support:

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In case you continue to see Apple Error 53 then contact Apple Support Center. You can also contact us by dialing our toll-free number [..]. We also provide support services for iPhone, iPad and Mac OS.