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Install Windows 8 On A Mac

How To Run Windows 8 On A Mac?

One can run Windows 8 on a Mac device in several ways, but one of the easiest ways is to simply use free virtualization software process such as Virtual Box. There are several steps users may wish to perform to get the work done properly. In this blog, we are simply using Mac OS X Lion and  both the Windows 8 Developers Preview and the Virtual Box software for Mac OS X are taken into consideration. As advised by Apple Mac Technical Support professional that users can also use these instructions to run Windows 8 on a PC. What one needs to do is simply to download the appropriate software for your PC. In addition, your PC must support virtualization (Not all PCs do.)

Steps to run Windows 8 on a Mac

Step1: Installation of virtual box

  • The first thing is simply to install the Virtual Box software. When done, hit the blue New button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Step2: Selection of operating systems

  • Next in the Name field, name the Windows 8 virtual installation process which you wish to go with. Here the example will be of Windows 8 Dev. In the Operating System drop downs, just select the Microsoft Windows and Windows 7 and then hit the Continue button.

Step3: Memory selection

  • Next, select the specific amount of memory which you wish to let your virtual machine to use. Keep in mind that users need to borrow the memory from the Mac OS.
  • In the Virtual Hard Disk section, Apple Mac Tech Support members have suggested to check the box Start-up Disk section and then tick the radio button labeled as a Create new hard disk. Click on the Continue.

Step4: Hard Drive allocation

  • Next, users are requested to allocate a specific amount of hard drive space for appropriate kind of installation. 20GBs is originally recommended. Click on the Continue button.
  • Wait for the virtual machine to be created later on.
  • Once done, users need to perform few tweaks for efficiency purposes. First hit the Settings icon which is located at the topmost section of the screen. Then select the “System” option. Under the Motherboard tab, hit the Enable I/O AIPC. Under the Processor tab, just check the Enable PAE/NX icon. Then under the Acceleration tab, check if both the VT-x/AMD-V and Nested Paging are there or not. Click OK.

Step5: Windows .ISO file

  • At last, users need to point to the Windows .ISO file which they downloaded and this is easily possible by clicking the DVD icon to the right of the CD/DVD Drive attribute. Once click on the .ISO file, it will automatically appear under the IDE Controller in the Storage Tree section on the left. Click on the OK button.

Customer Support Service Number

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