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Steps To Troubleshoot iTunes Sync Error -54

iTunes Sync Error -54 is one  of the most common iTunes issues faced by thousands of  crowd across the globe while updating PC to a complete new Windows operating system version. But according to the iTunes technical support team, most of the people think that this iTunes sync error is entirely related  to authorization and administration issues because it is obvious that computer doesn’t permit unauthorized users to sync essential data to the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Sometimes fixing all types of iTunes sync error -54 seems likes a little difficult process because it is quite hard to search for the type of files causing this issue. In this case, users may have to sync separately to search for the kind of data they can’t sync.

Few common steps to Troubleshoot iTunes Sync Error -54

Few common steps to Troubleshoot iTunes Sync Error -54

Step1: Update your iTunes

Updating of the iTunes version to the latest version is highly recommendable form users.

Step2: Upgrade the iPhone/iPad/iPod device

Upgrading of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to its latest iOS operating system is advised by expert professionals. Later on you can update it to iOS 10 version.

Step3: Authorization process of the computer in iTunes.

Open and get access to the “iTunes > Choose “Store”  section on iTunes menu and then carefully authorize the PC device.

Step4: Changing of the permissions

It is advised to users to change the permissions of the “iTunes” folder or its original files/folder.

You can then search for the original ones which you want your file to be transferred to iOS device and change the permission carefully.

iMore is another site which give users a perfect example  to change “Read Only” permission of “iTunes folder” into fix iTunes sync error (-54) on the Window 10 device

Open and get access to the “Windows Explorer > Go to “Music” folder  section and then  Right click on the “iTunes” folder > Properties > Uncheck “Read Only” section to complete the process.

Step5: Run the iTunes in an administrative section.

You need to sign in to the Windows as an administrator person  by right clicking on the “iTunes” icon > Select “Properties” > Select “Compatibility” >.  Check further to run as an administrator.

Step6: Windows update service packs

Installation of all available Windows update service packs is an essential step for a user to proceed smoothly.

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