MacBook Pro Battery

How To Replace MacBook Pro Battery?

Replacing battery is not a critical process but it requires an extra carefulness to ensure that no other parts or internal components get damaged during the replacement process. You should take help from certified technician to Replace MacBook Pro Battery instead of tackling this situation with your own. Because your mistake can put you in trouble, so just be conscious on that before taking any decision regarding this.

Laptops or other portable devices all come with rechargeable batteries which proffer power backup to run the device. Apple MacBook pro battery when not gives considerable power backup, it should be replaced immediately with the help of MacBook Pro Repair Service center. The whole process of replacing battery is easy but before that you should have a compatible battery to fit into your MacBook pro model. Therefore, check the model and buy the original battery from an authorized shop.

Replace MacBook Pro Battery

Steps To Replace MacBook Pro Battery

Just follow the steps instructed below with complete set of essential tools necessary to open the MacBook pro:

  • First of all, place the device in a white thick cotton cloth to get the small size screws and bolts. Then kept it during the replacement process
  • shutdown your MacBook pro and remove the bottom lid of your computer handle with care to avoid any kind of shocks while opening the lid
  • Now, remove the “tri-wing” screws and then remove the power cable from the login board before removing the battery
  • Put the new one to power your MacBook with new energy
  • After doing the above things, you can easily take out the old battery. Put the new one in the same manner and position
  • After keeping the battery inside the right cabinet, lock the battery with the tri-wing screws. Then attach the battery to the login board again in the same way
  • Now, finally your Apple MacBook pro is ready to run with extra power backups

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If the above information or instruction is not beneficial for you, then give a single ring at Apple MacBook Pro Support Number +1-855-267-5995. It will connect you with the top-most technical engineers who are expert in tackling the customer’s query. So, choose this option and get the reliable assistance within a couple of seconds also at an affordable cost.