Browsing in Safari for OS X

How to Use Private Browsing in Safari for OS X

Safari in the OS X Yosemite is one of the fastest and highly convenient browsers used by thousands of people worldwide. Well, its improved Private Browsing helps users to easily manage  to keep the Safari from keeping track of what actually web pages a user is looking for and what type of passwords a user is entering and more. According to Safari Browser technical support professionals, it’s quite easy to forget the password, but if left to user’s own devices, then the web browser will easily collect a lot of information about a user. It further keeps a web page history which users have loaded, and other information related to web sites are left behind with cookies with huge number of information advertisers that can exploit the browser. So, for these reasons only, it is advised for users to work in “private browsing” mode.

There are wide number of reasons why the Safari browser supports a Private Browsing? It’s just because it allows browser from doing any of essential things. When Private Browsing is turned on, Safari doesn’t remember any of the pages a user is visiting during that session in its “History” section. The pages further aren’t in a cached mode at all, and yes the user’s AutoFill information isn’t used, either.

Private Browsing in Safari for OS X

Steps to work with the Private Browsing in Safari for OS X

Step1: Safari

  • Launch the “Safari on the Mac device which is running the OS X Yosemite or may be higher that.

Step2: Working with the “New Private” men

  • Click on the “File” menu and then carefully selection is to be made by tapping on the “New Private Window” option as suggested by a team of Safari browser tech support
  • Alternatively, one can easily get a hold down on the command button and then press the shift keys and type “N” next

Step3: Working with the private browsing

  • A new window will next appear with a dark colored mark in the search field instead of a white/opaque one.
  • This is an ultimate process of how to tell if you’re working with a private browsing window or not.

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