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How to Uninstall Software Programs From Mac OS X Computer

This blog is written by professional team experts of MAC OS X SUPPORT which describes the process on how to remove installed programs from the Mac OS X computer. Well, this could simply be done by dragging the programs from the “Applications” folder right into the trash. But yes, of-course, a user can surely delete few apps from within Launchpad itself.

Uninstall Mac Applications

Few steps to uninstall programs on Mac PC devices instructed by MAC TECHNICAL SUPPORT professionals 

Part 1 describes about deleting programs by using the Trash

  • Log into the Mac with the help of administrator account if you have one created.
  • Open up the Applications folder in the next process.
  • Drag all the programs or folders with programs that you want to delete it to the Trash folder.
  • Emptying of the Trash section is necessary as well.

Part 2 discusses about “Deletion of the Support and Preference Files”

  • Open up the Library folder.
  • Search for all the files that you want to remove.
  • Move only those files or folders that you have come across in the Trash folder.

Part 3 describes various other ways to delete programs

  • Open up the Launchpad from the Dock section
  • You are required to enable you app deletion process.
  • Click on the “X” icon for the app which you wish to delete.
  • Emptying of your Trash folder is essential again in this step.

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