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How To Solve Safari Browser – HTTP Error 404 Accessing HarborCloud Issue?

It’s been for a while that the recent Safari web browser update has affected various stored website data which Safari holds for HarborCloud. The Safari 9.0 web browser update was released when Apple released its Mac OS X 10.11 “El Capitan” operating system upgrade according to the Safari Browser Support team. After updating the Safari to 9.0, there are several users who have reported of receiving a 404 page error while trying to access our website. But there are solutions to resolve them.

HTTP Error 404 Accessing HarborCloud Issue?

Step by step guide How To Solve Safari Browser:

  • Open up the Safari Preferences:

Click on the Safari menu which is located in the upper-left corner of the PC screen and then click on the “Preferences” setting

  • Go to the Privacy section and click on the “Details to view specific website data stored” in the Safari browser:

Sometimes you will come across a situation where the Details button will take some moment to be visible depending on the amount of the website data stored on the web. As per as Safari Browser technical support expert guidance, if you against with the process of viewing the Details button, then you have to wait for few seconds on the Privacy tab for it to appear.

  • Locating of the website data for is essential and then choose the “Remove” button:

After clicking on the Details section, users will be able to see a list of all websites with the help of stored data in Safari. Next, you are required to work with the search box option in the upper-right to easily search for  Locate this site and then click on Remove button to clear up all the website data stored for our login site.

  • Restart Safari and try again:
  • After you have cleared up all the website data stored in Safari for the website, simply restart your Safari browser and go back to your login page.

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