Set Up Apple Pay Cash On iPhone Devices

How to Set Up Apple Pay Cash On iPhone Devices?

The latest feature to work with iOS is that of Apple Pay Cash. This is a feature that will allow iPhone users to send money to another person in the easy process. Here, we will see how to Set-up Apple Pay Cash on iPhone devices without any hassle. But before we move further, let us know a bit more information about Apple Pay Cash. This is an Apple’s most renowned payments service mode with the release of the second iOS 11.2 public beta version.  To set up Apple Pay Cash, one must have this flexibility to enable 2-factor authentication for Apple ID. Besides, users should have a credit or debit card in their Apple Wallet. Now, let us see how to go ahead with this.

Set Up Apple Pay Cash On iPhone Devices


Effective steps to set up Apple Pay Cash on iPhone devices:

Step 1: Open up “Settings app” on your iPhone device

Step 2: The next step is to tap on “Wallet & Apple Pay” icon and switch straight right to Apple Pay Cash.

Step 3: Now, click on “Apple Pay Cash card” as per as information by Apple Support technicians

Step 4: Next, users have to tap on “Continue” button to agree to all terms and conditions.

Step 5: You will now be able to create your Apple Pay Cash card.

Step 6: Finally, users need to connect with their bank’s debit card. To go ahead, scan your Debit card with the iPhone camera.

Hope all these steps will help you set up Apple Pay Cash on iPhone devices in easy ways. If still there is an issue then, approach at below contact details.

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