MacBook Suddenly Shuts Down And Won’t Turn On Issues

How To Fix MacBook Suddenly Shuts Down And Won’t Turn On Issues?

While Mac devices are well-built and are the most reliable among other systems, there are issues where it may come across a sudden turn on/off problems. Here we will teach you how to fix MacBook suddenly shuts down and won’t turn on issues with easy methods. But before that, let us know more about the device and its related issues. These Mac devices are highly susceptible to a huge number of errors that stop them to boot up and these are always because of human error. However, there are various solutions for this problem such as “Power Cycle” method, “check for display issues”, “Run Disk Utility in Recovery Mode”, “boot up your Mac in Safe Boot” and “Check for file system” issues. Other solutions such as “Reset the PRAM / NVRAM”, “Reset the SMC, “Use Target disk mode” and “Reinstall macOS”. But here we will only describe the solution of “Check power connection problems”.

MacBook Suddenly Shuts Down And Won’t Turn On Issues


Solution to fix MacBook suddenly shuts down and won’t turn on issues are:

Solution 1: Check for power connection problems

You don’t always have to perform the hard and fast technique to get over this problem. Rather simply have checks on power issues to know whether the plug is in its port or not. Perform instructions below:

  1. Try for a different power cable or adapter
  • It is quite possible that the actual fault is in the power cable. Try to fix it with appropriate remedies. If it does, then try to buy a secondhand power cable as they are much more due to being faulty wires.
  • Also, may be possible that users recently have a power cut and this is quite possible that there is a damaged power adaptor and users need to buy a new one.
  • Finally, also have a check whether the cable is the loose state. To fix MacBook suddenly shuts down and won’t turn on issues, try to pull out and plug it to fix the problem.
  1. Disconnect all of the accessories

Unplug all your accessories like printers as well as USB hubs from the Mac device. As this may be the reason as well. If users have recently installed a new memory or a hard drive, to ensure that they are correctly installed and is well compatible.

If you are not satisfied with the above steps, then go for SMC reset mode. This is as per the MacBook Support technical team.

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