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How to Fix Apple iTunes or iPhone Error 1671?

To fix Apple iTunes or iPhone Error 1671 while updating or restoring iTunes on devices one need to take help from Internet. The error happens when iTunes isn’t able to talk to Apple signing servers. The error shows up when you try to sync, backup, update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or other device. iTunes has been primed to be highly advanced mobile device management application, media player, media library and radio broadcaster. There are varieties of reasons that can cause the iTunes error 1671. For instance your OS might be outdated, or outdated version of iTunes, other reasons include outdated or invalid anti-virus, too many USB controllers connected to computer. Fortunately there are ways to fix iTunes error 1671 or you can connect to Apple Mac iTunes Support tech experts for more information and get the caused error fixed.

Reasons that cause Apple iTunes Error 1671 are:

  • Fault installed antivirus program
  • Virus infected computer system
  • Incompatible version of iTunes
  • Due to faulty or slow USB or HUB
  • Operating system being outdated

Simple and easy steps to fix Apple iTunes Error 1671:

  • Update iTunes to latest version
  • Make sure iTunes version is compatible with your iOS device
  • Must update the antivirus and run a full system scan to get rid of any viruses
  • Unplug the unnecessary USB cables
  • Check for the latest version of OS
  • Make sure that the iOS device is connected to compatible USB port
  • Check the security of your computer

Follow the Steps to troubleshoot Apple iTunes Error 1671:

Method 1: Connect your PC to your IDevice

Step 1 : Disable all antivirus programs running in background

Step 2 : For Windows PCs search HOST FILES on your computer device

  • Visit My computer to go to C:/Drive
  • Go to Windows >system 32>drivers>etc and locate the HOST FILES
  • Drag your HOST FILE to your Desktop
  • Remember the location as you will have to place the host file back after the restore

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Step 3 : Open iTunes and restore your iDevice

Step 4 : Once you are done, make sure to go back to the same folder and put the “host” file into the folder System32 > drivers> etc on your PC

Method 2 : Connect your Mac to your IDevice

Step 1: Disable all background running Antivirus programs

Step 2:  Use finder to search your HOST file and then drag it to your desktop. Now, in the Finders menu bar, you need to select Go → Go to Folder.

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Step 3: In appeared box, you will have to type” /private/etc/hosts” location and press Enter.

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Step 4:  The Finder window will appear and you can select the HOST file. Drag the file to your desktop.

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Step 5: Launch the iTunes on your computer and try to restore your device. After the process is completed, place the HOST file back into the folder.

That it you are done with the restoring part.

Connect to Apple Mac Support for the right technician assistance

Customer Support Service Number

After following the blog you are not able to fix the Error code 1671 connect to Apple Support Phone Number +1-855-267-5995 (toll-free) and obtain the right guidance to Fix Apple iTunes Error 1671. Every possible mean of solution is being practiced to resolve your queries either for steps or for error immediately and instantly. The right tech experts are available 24*7 to assist you in order to get your error resolved.