How To Fix iTunes Error 9 When Updating/Upgrading Your iPhone

How To Fix iTunes Error 9 When Updating/Upgrading Your iPhone

Well, here users will be introduced with ways to fix iTunes Error 9 by explaining each step in details.  Apart from this, user’s when trapped under this issue may come across iTunes error 9 symptoms such as “Security software preventing access to the Apple server”, “Network settings may appear as corrupted one”, “iPhone or iOS device timed out signs”, “a pop-up message may appear showing an unknown error occurred during the syncing process”.

iTunes error 9 is a type of critical security software problem which usually occurs while users are trying to upgrade/restore the firmware on iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices. This may be an issue of firewall blocking user’s access to specific websites/web resources such as iTunes trying to download something from Apple’s servers.

Troubleshoot iTunes Error 9 With Our Reliable Technical Support

iPhones perform multiple functions and consist of high-end features that make our work way easier. However, it is not flawless, and users often complain about the iTunes error 9 which affects their iPhones, iPod touch or iPad. A typical consequence of the error 9 is the restoration failure. If you are facing similar issues, then this article is apt for you.

iTunes Error 9 In A Nutshell

iTunes lets you share, send videos, audio, images and smaller contents to other iOS devices. However, there can be a severe glitch where users are unable to launch or restore the application correctly.  This failure leads to iTunes error 9, and our device slowly loses its efficiency. Hence, it is necessary to learn the causes and the solutions to eliminate the problem with ease.

  • The primary cause that most experts believe is jailbreaking. In simple terms, Apple restricts specific apps from functioning in its products. Hence, when someone tries to install them, alert surfaces.
  • Another probable reason is a corrupt iTunes.
  • The third cause can be network settings or WiFi issues which do not allow the iPhone to upgrade.
  • Often, security suites block other applications in the device, and hence they connect to other servers.
  • A hardware default like broken USB connectors will incur error 9.

Fix iTunes Error 9 When Updating/Upgrading Your iPhone In Incredible Ways

You can try the recovery option but it can expose your data to high risk. So, it is better to detach your iPhone and conduct the reboot procedure. Finally, switch on the iPhone and reinstall the iTunes to its latest version.

  1. The next method is to install your iTunes application to the newest version. The procedure will differ for Mac or Windows. If you are a Mac user, first install the iTunes app from the Apple website.
  2. Then tap on the iTunes and click update information. Then upgrade it.
  3. If you are using a Windows platform, first install the iTunes and search for updates. You can use the shortcut keys CTRL and B to follow simple rules.
  4. One of the common reasons for error 9 is a faulty USB cable. To resolve this, use genuine USB connectors. You can also get other USB cables and replace the old one.
  5. Try to connect the same with other devices and connect with the PC  and not other components like the keyboard. If this does not resolve the issue, move to the next method.


Fix iTunes Error 9 When Updating/Upgrading Your iPhone Using Other Methods

  • Detach the USB cable initially and then reattach it with your computer.
  • Check and disable security suites for the time being because they may interfere with other applications present in your iPhone.
  • This a complex method. Hence, check the time and date after the disable mode is on.
  • Try the reboot option only when other techniques do not work. But before that, keep a duplicate copy of all the necessary items.

Steps To Fix iTunes Error 9:- 

Method 1: Hard resetting the iOS device

Hard resetting the iOS device

Sometimes, a simple reset may work out faster if you want to solve this error as soon as possible. This method is quite easy to apply even for the beginner’s level.

The very first step is simply to reset the iOS device and it is applied for older versions

  • Press and then, hold the “power key” as well as the “Home key” on the iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  • Hold down both of the buttons for at-least 10 seconds and then, release it the white Apple logo appears.
  • Your next step will be to charge the iOS device in order to perform a check if this error still exists or not.

This is another way to reset the iOS device such as iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

  • Press and press the “Power Button” as well as the “Volume Down key” on the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.
  • Here also, press both of the buttons for at-least 10 seconds and then, release once the “white Apple logo” appears.
  • Now, simply proceed to charge the iPhone and check whether this error still happens to exists
  • But if you fail to succeed with above method then, try the below method.
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Method 2: Give it a try on another computer

  • This is another effective method where users are requested to plug into the iOS device first.
  • Make sure it has iTunes and try Method 2. If this method works out, then it clearly means that the device had an issue with the hardware or with the software which needs to be addressed immediately. One may also need to perform a complete computer recovery process.

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