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How To Fix iPhone Error Code 101?

So, are you one among them who has encountered an unnatural error code while trying to connect your iPad or even the iPhone device to your Mac? Well, these errors pretty much pop up at the time while you are updating your iOS device software, performing data backup process of iPhone to the Mac. Before starting the process of power cycling the modems and modification are being done to security settings to resolve errors, users should first try few below instructions to fix iPhone error code 101. Let’s see how

Fix iPhone Error Code 101

Steps to Fix iPhone Error Code 101 – iPhone Support 

Step1: Download the latest version

  • The very first thing is to download the latest iTunes version and then, check for all available versions of the iTunes by clicking on the ‘Help > Check for Updates on a Windows machine or iTunes > Check for Updates on a Mac” icon.

Step2: Software updates

  • Check for all the system software updates on the Mac device so that you can easily check for updates by navigating to the ‘Mac App Store”.
  • Hit on the “Updates” icon which will appear in the menu bar. One is also allotted with an option to open the ‘Apple Menu’ and then select the “Choose Software Update” icon.
  • Now, carefully unplug any available USB device which is not to be used further. Make you have with yourself the mouse, keyboard and iOS device plugged properly into your computer.

Step3: Restart the system

  • Restart the PC device now and then perform a reset option of your iOS device by pressing both the “Home” button and the “Power” button for a while. It should be done till your computer screen displays the Apple logo.
  • Now, quit the virtualization software which includes Parallels or VMware running on your Mac.
  • Give it a try again. Unplug and then plug again into the iOS device

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