fix iTunes error 27

How To Fix iPhone Error 27?

iPhone error 27 is usually caused due to faulty hardware issues which further reboots the device until it enters into the recovery mode. Also when users are trying to make an attempt to restore and update with the help of iTunes and it is almost in a finished stage, it will pop up with the error code again.

This error is considered as one of the most dreaded as well frustrating issues for users and is such a crucial thing when users will realize that all their photos are stuck including essential files as well as data.So, here users will be given full advice on methods to fix iPhone Error 27 with a detailed explanation of each step.

Fix iPhone Error 27

Steps to Fix iPhone Error 27 or iTunes Error 27: 

Steps 1: This method is based on restoring the iPhone without the help of SIM card

It is one of the basic methods to get rid of iPhone error 27 where it calls for an update as well as restore process without the SIM card.

  • Power off the iPhone first.
  • The next step is to remove the SIM card out
  • Power on the iPhone next.
  • Users are now requested to connect their iPhone to iTunes and restore it.
  • Performa proper test if the issue is resolved or not.

Well, if the first method does not solve then, try this below method

Steps 2: Check for the computer’s anti-virus product
  • User’s computer’s security software may also be one of the reasons of interfering with the communication between the iPhone as well as the iTunes to your Apple’s servers. One can temporarily disable the anti-virus product while doing the restoration and update process via iTunes.
  • It is also advised for users to manage the security software’s settings for temporarily disabling it.
  • At last, one needs to reactivate it right after the issue is fixed completely

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