Command Prompt On Mac

How To Get Command Prompt On Mac?

A command line prompt is a way of interacting with your computer without a graphical interface. Sometimes, Command prompt may be more difficult to get to on Mac. So, take assistance from the deft technicians who are talented and have much experience. They will tell you the exact steps to Get-Command Prompt On Mac. After doing that you may thankful for our service. We provide 24/7 accessible service for the helpless customer from where they can take aids without any hassle.

Your modern Mac uses a graphical user interface, (GUI) or the older computers used only command prompts. The command line usually gives you more options than the GUI. However, you can open the Terminal (command prompt) application in MacOS using Launchpad, Spotlight, or Finder. Terminal gives you access to the Unix part of MacOS so that you can manage files, edit settings, and run scripts using text commands. Moreover, you may avail MacOS Repair Service by sitting at your home and get the steps of resolution in no time.

Get Command Prompt On Mac

Steps To Get Command Prompt On Mac

You just only have to follow the below procedure one-by-one as only then your hurdle will be terminated:

  • Using Launchpad
  • Open “Launchpad” first
  • Now, click on the “Other” folder
  • After that click “Terminal”

If you are unable to find the Terminal, try out another method.

  • Using Spotlight
  • Click the “Spotlight” icon that is placed at the top-right corner of the screen
  • Now, type “Terminal” into the search box
  • After that double-click on “Terminal” application

If still you are getting failed to open command prompt on Mac, then follow the next below procedure.

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  • Using Finder
  • Open “Finder” first which is at the bottom of the screen
  • Now, click on “Applications” which is placed in the left panel of finder
  • After that click “Utilities” that you may have to scroll down to find it
  • At last double-click on “Terminal” application that will now launch to the command prompt

Apple Mac Technical Support Number

Grasp Our 24/7 Online Apple Mac Customer Service For Handy Solution

If you are yet facing problem while opening command prompt on your MacOS, then don’t get disheartened! There is one more effective solution that you can try out. You only just have to give a ring at Mac Technical Support Number +1-855-267-5995 and get united with techies who has answered your call. They will definitely guide you the cost-effective solution so that you can easily get command prompt on MacOS. And after doing so, you will be happy more.