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How to Fix Moving Messages Error In Apple Mail?

Moving Messages Error in Apple email is considered as quite common issue for users who are working  with Apple Mail and is often found to be existing Mac Mail. This error generally occurs while moving messages to mailbox by displaying an error message as a “null” error.

Also, according to professionals, it is found that users are experiencing this issue when they are able to assign a folder to“Drafts, Sent mails, Junk mails, or to Trash mailbox.A type of error which mostly occurs while deleting messages but, it too happens while messages are moved without the folders is being assigned properly. Below are few steps discussed to fix Moving Messages Error In Apple Mail. Let’s see now.


Steps to Fix Moving Messages Error In Apple Mail While Moving Messages 

In order to get rid of this issue, please follow carefully all below instructions

Step1: Login process

  • The very step is simply to login to the Apple Mail Client carefully because without this, one can’t go ahead.
  • The next thing, one needs to perform is to scroll down through the whole list thoroughly to the newly added mail account.
  • Now, hit on the drop-arrow list to check for the “Drafts, Sent, Junk, and Trash folders” and then,tap on the “Drafts folder to highlight it”

Step 2: Assign the drafts folder

  • The next thing is to search for the “menu list” which can otherwise be found at the top of the screen section.
  • Tap on the“Mailbox” icon and then, scroll down to “Use This Mailbox As” icon. Tap on the “Drafts Mailbox” to assign the “Drafts folder” in the client side to the corresponding server folder.

Step 3: Repeat the action

  • At last, users are suggested to repeat this action for all of their created folders namely ‘Sent, Junk, and Trash folders” and make sure to tap on the respective folder assignment.
  • After adding these folders, users can easily see the email account name which is added for each option.

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