How to Fix Mac Error Code 36 in Mac OS X?


how to fix Mac Error Code 36

Error code 36 is one of the most common problems faced by Mac users. While they are trying to copy or move files from one location to another, this error code appears on the display.

As well as an error message constantly pop up on the screen and restrict the users to move that particular file. Without any prior notice, an error 36 appears on the display. But after performing a few solutions the code may get vanished.

In case if you are also getting the same problem then look in this guide and resolve the issue immediately.

What Causes Error 36 Mac?

This particular error code mainly occurs due to certain folders including the FAT16 or FAT32 that are compatible with Windows but not for Mac. But apart from the above, there are few causes that are equally responsible for this same problem.

  1. If your device gets attacked by virus or malware then this error code appears on the display.
  2. If the file you are going to share gets corrupted then you will also find the same problem.
  3. In case the location where you wish to transfer the file is not correct or invalid then you might also trigger this error code.
  4. Due to insufficient space in your device, the 36 error code might also appear.

How you can Fix Mac Error Code 36?

Depending upon the exact cause of your problem you have to know the solutions. For example, if the issue occurred due to the virus or malware attack then you have to scan for the virus. 

Again if the issue occurred due to the insufficient space then you have to free up space of your Mac and check if the error gets vanished or not.

Solution 1: Use the dot-clean Command

Dot-clean is a useful command that helps you to tackle Mac error 36. Go through the steps that are stated below to get rid of the error.

First of all, you have to switch on your device and navigate to the Application menu. Now, choose the utility tab by clicking on it. Now, look at the left side of the screen and tap on the Terminal icon.

In the Terminal tab, you have to write down the dot-clean command and keep a space in the first line. Click on the Enter key on your keyboard.

Then, you need to drag the flash drive and the file icon to the Terminal tab using the mouse. You will see that /path/folder will be generated. 

Again click the Enter button and check if the same error code is still showing up or not.

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Solution 2: Verify the Shortcomings

Sometimes due to lack of permission, users might get error code 36 on your Mac device. Hence you have to check the permissions that are required to copy the files. To do so, you have to choose the Permission and Sharing tab by tapping on it.

After that, choose Everyone option from the list. But remember that your account has “read access” to these files. If you find any problem in the external media.

Also, check that you are connected with a stable internet connection. After checking all the things you have to restart your device and boot in Safe mode. At the final step, check the status of the error code.

Solution 3: Perform a Safe Boot

Sometimes entering to the Safe mode help Mac users to solve several issues. So, if the above solution s are not helpful for you then try to enter o the Safe mode and check if the error code gets vanished or not.

  1. At first, you have to start your Mac device.
  2. After that, press down the Shift button for ten to fifteen seconds.
  3. Once the Apple logo appears on the screen, release the Shift button.
  4. Now, navigate to the login screen and click on login option. If you are prompted then provide the correct username and password and click on Login.
  5. At last, check if the error is still appearing on the screen or not.

Solution 4: Use PRAM Troubleshoot

The term PRAM is known as Parameter Random Access Memory that helps to store the system settings in your Macbook. Sometimes, resetting PRAM can fix the error 36.

At the very first step, you have to turn off your Mac. Once you heard the chime sound, press down the Command, Option, P and R keys altogether. Keep waiting sometimes and your Mac will restart automatically. Hopefully, the error may get vanished from your Mac.

Concluding Note

Here we have mentioned all the possible solutions that are helpful for you. You just have to implement all the methods carefully without making any mistakes. But if you have further doubts then get connected with the experts and talk with them.