Fix iTunes Error 1671 With Easy Hacks

Apple users often report an error message while trying to sync, update, backup, or restore through iTunes. These errors are generally associated with the Host files of your system. Whenever iTunes is unable to connect to the Apple server or signing in the process fails,  then iTunes error 1671 may pop up. The final result is that you won’t be able to access iTunes or download any content. This is where this article proves to be beneficial. With the help of this document, you can quickly end this annoying situation and get to access a few essential fixing hacks.

Fix iTunes Error 1671

Underlying Causes Behind iTunes Error 1671

Countless factors prompt the failure of connecting iTunes to the server and thus the occurrence of iTunes error code 1671. Let us have a look at a few of them:

  • If you are operating on an outdated OS system or if you have not updated the iTunes version for a prolonged time then a real-time error can pop up.
  • In case your iPhone is already infected by virus or malware then it might cause the hinderance connecting to the server.
  • Often excessive USB controllers connected with the computer can also be the root cause of the problem.
  • Furthermore, an uncertified antivirus program or third-party applications can also trigger the iTunes error.

Basic Requirements To Fix iTunes Error 1671

Before proceeding with the methods to resolve iTunes error 1671, you need to meet the general requirements at first.

  • Verify if the date, time and time zone are accurately. Additionally, you can also change them to automatic mode to save time and instead of doing it manually.
  • You have to log in to your account as an administrative user and not through the guest account.
  • If you are accessing through an outdated iTunes version, then you have to update it as soon as possible.
  • In case you want to eradicate the issues via your Mac or Windows device, then you must update them as well to prevent any hassle in future.

If you are well settled with the required processes, let us proceed to the step-by-step method to fix the problem.

iTunes Error 1671 Fix: Easy And Quick Hacks

At first, you need to reset your iPhone to eliminate all the minor glitches. Hold down the Power button as well as the Home button, simultaneously. After a few seconds, the Apple logo appears with a text message ‘Slide to power off.’ Ignore the message and verify if the problem reappears. If this trick does not work well, then move to the subsequent methods mentioned in this section.

Method 1: Fix The Error Via Windows Device

First, connect your computer with your iPhone and then through the search box, locate the Host file. Along with this, you have to disable all running anti-virus program. Navigate to the My Computer icon and click on it. Next click on the C:/ Drive and after clicking the ‘Windows > System 32 > drivers > etc.’ to locate the Host file. Drag it to your desktop and again place it back to its previous position, after completing the restoration process. Now, go to the iTunes feature and hit on the Restore button.

Method 2: Fix The Error Via Mac Device

To proceed, connect your Mac with your iPhone and go to the Finder icon and tap on it. Locate the Host file, through the Finders menu bar. At first drag the host file on to your desktop and through the Finders menu, select the Go option and then choose the ‘Go To Folder.’ In the search box, type in ‘/private/etc/hosts’ and hit the Enter button.
You will receive a new window, select the host file and drag it to the desktop. Along with that, you must note the location of the file, as, after the restore process, you have to put the file back to its previous site. Open the Itunes and hit the Restore button.

Method 3: Perform Factory Reset

Connect your iPhone to your system via USB cable. Navigate to the Settings menu and then select the General tab. Locate the Reset option and click on it. Then check the box next to the ‘ Erase All Contents and Settings’ label and hit the Erase button. This will eliminate all the risk factors along with the iTunes error issue.


Before proceeding with the last method, you have to keep a backup of all your critical data. Furthermore, the above steps are sufficient to help you mitigate the problem within a flicker of time. Additionally, you can connect with our reliable technicians, in case you are not accustomed to the technical domain. Join with us via our live chat support portal and get an immense number of troubleshooting hacks. You can also choose to call us and discuss your requirements or mail your issue related question. We assure you beneficial mitigating route as soon as we get your request.

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