How To Fix An iPhone Error 56?

How To Fix An iPhone Error 56?

In recent days, users reported that they are facing iPhone error 56 while trying to restore their iPhone using iTunes. As well as when they are trying to update their iPhone’s iOS version this error code display on their device’s screen.

Once users encounter this issue they can’t update their device and can’t restore it using iTunes. An error message of “Software Update Failed” keeps popping up on the screen and leaves the users puzzled.

Sometimes, your iPhone might be stuck on the start screen with the iTunes logo. Restarting your device does not solve the issue. Your phone becomes unresponsive too.

If you are also getting this off-beat error then read the entire thoroughly and perform the methods stated here.

The Reasons Behind iPhone Error 56:

To fix the error code you should know the exact reason for that you are encountering the error 56.

  1. Due to a software issue, the iTunes platform can cause this particular error.
  2. In few times the lighting cable gets damaged or frayed. It creates a disturbance in the connection between your iPhone and your computer.
  3. If your device gets outdated and does not support the latest version of the iTunes application then there is a high chance of getting the same problem.
  4. If you are connected with an unstable or poor internet connection then it can create the error 56.

Solve Error 56 iPhone with This Troubleshooting Methods:

After knowing the causes, its time to resolve the error. In most cases, it happens at the time of restoring your iPhone with a hardware issue. In such instances, follow the mentioned steps.

Method 1: Check USB Port and USB Cable

Check USB Port and USB Cable

You might be surprised to know that changing the USB cable can solve error 56 from your device. Because sometimes due to damaged USB cable users can face this glitch. But before replacing the USB cable you have to be sure that the USB cable is authentic and certified.

  1. Take a standard or original USB cable.
  2. After that, verify the cable connection from your computer to the iPhone. Check that there is no loose connection.
  3. Now, you have to detach the cable that connects your iPhone and after a few minutes reconnect it.
  4. Verify that the IUSB cable is now directly connected to the port and avoid third-party cases.

Method 2: Update iTunes to Latest Version


We always advise you to check if you have the latest version of iTunes installed in your device or not. Due to an iTunes obsolete version, users may face this glitch. Else, install the latest version and check if the error still appears or not.

For Windows Users:

Update iTunes to Latest Version

First of all, you have to open iTunes on your device. After that, look at the top of the iTunes window and navigate to choose the Help icon. Then, click on the “Check for Updates” tab and wait for a few sends. It will display all the updates available for you. Install them one by one and if required then go through the instructions showing on the screen.

For Mac Users:

Update iTunes to Latest Version

At the initial step, turn on your Mac device and navigate to open the App Store from your device. After that look at the top of the window and choose the Updates icon. Install all the updates and after completing it restart your device.

Method 3: Check Security Software and Firewall

Due to virus or malware attack, users confront iPhone error 56. As well as if any security software is blocking communication to Apple’s server then this glitch appears. iTunes requires access to upgrade or completing the sync process. In such cases, a bit of investigation can fix the error.

  • First of all, you have to move to the anti-virus software that is installed on your device. Then check if iTunes is blocked or not.
  • After that, move to the firewall program. If you are using Windows then open Windows Firewall. Here, you have to check that iTunes is not on the exempted list.
  • If you have any virtualization apps then close all of them. This helps to block the USB communications that gets outdated.

Method 4: Restore your iPhone to Factory Settings

Restore your iPhone to Factory Settings

Before proceeding with this solution we recommend you keep a backup of the important documents and files that are kept on your device. Because after performing a factory reset all the data will be erased from your device.

First of all, you have to check that you have the latest version of the iTunes application on your Mac. After that, navigate to the Settings tab and click on it. Then, click on Your Name icon and the move to choose the iCloud option. From here, you have to disable the Find My iPhone option.

Now, its time to restore your device to factory settings. At first, launch iTunes on your Mac device. After that, you have to attach your iPad, iPhone or iPod to your PC by using an original USB cable. In the meantime, you might be prompted to give the security code.

Sometimes you need to select the “Trust This Computer” option to proceed with the further steps. Now, choose your iPhone, iPad or iPod once you find iTunes displaying on the screen. Navigate to the Restore icon and click on it.

Choose the Restore option once more to confirm the process. Keep waiting for a few moments while iTunes erasing the data from your device. Once the restore process gets completed, your device will restart automatically. Check if the error code got vanished or not.

Method 5: Update your iPhone

Update your iPhone

If the above methods failed to fix the error 56 on your iPhone device then it might because of your outdated iPhone. In that case, updating the iOS version, cab helps you to get rid of the error.

In the very beginning, you have to connect your device with a stable internet connection or WiFi. After that, navigate to the Settings tab and click on it. Now, choose General from the next window. Then, find the Software Update icon and click on it.

Select the Download and Install button. In the meantime, you might be prompted to remove the temporary apps from your phone then click on Continue. It means that your device requires more space to complete the update.

Now, click on Install and start downloading the latest version. If you are again prompted to give passcode then enter the correct credentials here. Once the installation gets over, restart your device and check if the error code is still persisting or get fixed.

Method 6: Restore iPhone in DFU Mode


Restore iPhone in DFU Mode

The DFU Mode is known as Device Firmware Upgrade mode that helps to fix the error 56 iPhone. To follow this step, you also have to keep a backup of the data and information that are stored in your device.

  1. At the initial step, you need to connect your iPhone with a lightning cable.
  2. After that, press down the Power and the Home keys at the same time for almost eight to ten seconds.
  3. Release the power button but keep pressing the Home button. Once iTunes detecting the DFU Mode or Recovery Mode, then release the Home button as well.
  4. Now, you will notice a pop-up notification on the display. Tap on OK to proceed with further.
  5. Then, choose the “Restore iPhone” option and keep waiting until the restore process gets completed.
  6. Hopefully, from that time you will not find the same error anymore.

Ending Note

iPhone 56 error is not a much-complicated issue. You can easily deal with this glitch if you analyze the problem, and know the root causes. We suggest you take immediate steps and fix it by yourself.

Implement all the steps that are mentioned above. If you have any further queries regarding any step then get connected with the experts and solve the error on your own.