iPhone Not Sending Text Messages

How to Fix iPhone Not Sending Text Messages?

Typically iPhone users prefer iMessage protocol to communicate with other iPhone users. But while sending a message to a non-iPhone user, the text message by SMS falls back. It is important to Fix iPhone Not Sending Text Messages to continuing messaging. There can be several reasons due to which this miscommunication occurs. When an iPhone user sends SMS text message to an Android user, a transmitting error occurs. It often can be disturbing for users.

If the iMessage service is off due to some reason, it is also not possible to send SMS using iMessage protocol. It also justifies when an iPhone user is out or service and unable access internet.

Beneficial Solutions to Troubleshoot iPhone Not Sending Text Messages:

Fix iphone not sending text messages

An iPhone does not send SMS text messages due to many reasons. These troubleshooting procedures will be helpful for solving both SMS and iMessage errors. Try these solutions when you cannot send or receive SMS. Call iPhone Support Number to get online remote support to resolve this issue.

Solution : Try Out The General Troubleshooting Methods

Try these most common troubleshooting methods and check whether the issue still persists or not.

  • Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch through which you are trying to send SMS.
  • Check your internet connection, if you are trying to send a SMS using iMessage protocol. For SMS text messages, look for proper Cellular Network connectivity. One can also use Wi-Fi to send a SMS.
  • Check whether the SMS or MMS you are trying to send is supported by your carrier or not.
  • For sending group MMS Messages in your iPad or iPhone, turn on the MMS messaging.
  • Cross check the entered number or email address.
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If a Red Exclamation Occurs:

  • First of all, check your network connection and thus click on the red exclamation mark.
  • Click on Try Again.
  • If the message is still not sent, tab on “sent as text message” after clicking on the red exclamation.

 Customer Support Service Number

Call Apple Technical Support Number for More Reliable Information:

If the issue still persists, connect with Apple Technical Support Number. Our well experienced team is available 24*7 to assist every customer in distress. For any Apple device related errors, we deliver comprehensive solution in minimal time. Our team is ready round the clock to provide you prompt support for all complex to complex queries. Hence dial our number now and avail yourself exquisite help.