iPad Stuck On Apple Logo? Here’s The Proven Solution

iPad Stuck On Apple Logo

Ever encountered a situation where your iPad got stuck on Apple logo for some reason and you don’t know what to do next? Well, you are not alone. There are a lot of people who have faced a similar problem lately. You are most likely to confront this situation after performing a reset, update, or restoration of your device. Now, there are various solutions available for such scenarios following which you should be able to resolve the problem easily. 

However, before implementing any solution, it is important to know about the causes behind the issue. Keep reading further to know about its causes and solutions.

Why Does iPad Get Stuck on Apple Logo?

As mentioned earlier, the causes behind such a problem can be numerous. For better insight, we have cited some of them for you below.

  • Software issues
  • Third-party security software
  • Problems during reboot of iPad
  • Jailbreaking of iPad
  • A corrupted USB port or Lightning Cable
  • Any issue while updating iOS to a newer version
  • Problems during device backup

Fixes for iPad Stuck On Apple Logo

Although the causes behind such problems are diverse, people commonly suffer from it after performing an update, restore or reset. Hence, to resolve the issue for such scenarios, it is recommended to follow the fixes detailed below.

Fix 1: Perform a Hard Reset On Your iPad

Perform a Hard Reset On Your iPad

A Hard Reset is one of the first methods you must try for an easy fix. It is simple to execute and gives a fresh start to your device. Follow the steps mentioned below to perform a hard reset on your iPad.

  • Press and hold both the Home button and on/off button together unless the screen turns black.
  • Once you get to see the Apple logo on your screen, leave the buttons and turn on the iPad normally.

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Fix 2: Use Recovery Mode

Use Recovery Mode

For problems related to any software beta update, you can try using the Recovery Mode. To implement this fix, follow the steps given below.

  • Ensure that the iPad is turned on and press and hold the Home button till the iPad gets connected to your system. 
  • Throughout the procedure, iTunes should be running in the background. Press both the Home and Sleep button of your device until iTunes states that its in Recovery mode.
  • Press the Sleep button for some time to turn on your device. Once you do so, your device will be out of the recovery mode. 

Fix 3: Put iPad in DFU Mode

Put iPad in DFU Mode

You can also try putting your iPad in DFU Mode and check if the problem resolves for you or not. To perform this method, follow the steps cited below orderly

  • Open iTunes on your Mac system and then connect your iPad with it. 
  • Now, press both the Power button and the Home button of your iPad. For the devices that are on, as soon as you see the screen turning black, make sure to count till three. On the other hand, if the device was off, wait for the Apple logo to display on the screen and then count till three. 
  • Now, keep holding the Home button and release the Power button. Check if “iTunes has detected an iPad in recovery mode. You must restore this iPad before it can be used with iTunes.” message appears on your screen. 
  • As soon as it does, click on Ok> “Restore and Update”. 

Fix 4: Update iPad Through iTunes

Update iPad Through iTunes

If you notice the iPad stuck at the Apple logo while restoring it then you can try updating the iPad through iTunes. Here are the steps you can follow to implement this fix.

  • Ensure that the current version of iTunes is installed on your system and connect your device with it. 
  • Once the iPad and computer get connected with each other, open iTunes and select your device. Click on Summary and then go to “Check for Updates”.
  • Click on “Download and Update” and enter the password.

This fix is also effective if you face a situation where the iPad gets stuck at Apple logo after reset.

Fix 5: Restore Your iPad 

Restore Your iPad

Now, keep in my mind that on performing this fix you will lose all your data. Thus, it is better to keep it as the last option. To restore your iPad, follow the steps mentioned below sequentially.

  • Before starting the process, make sure you have the current version of iTunes installed on your system. Connect your iPad with your computer.
  • Now, start iTunes and select your device.
  • Click on “Restore iPad” to do the same. Once your device restarts, your iPad will become brand-new with no issues showing. 

Fix 6: Turn Off Any Third-Party Security Software 

There is a possibility that you are confronting this issue due to any third-party security software. This is because once you connect the iPad with the computer, the antivirus software may count it as a threat. 

If such is the case, turn off the third-party security software by locating its icon and right-clicking on it. Once you see the Disable option, click on it and hit the “Yes” or “Confirm” button.

Additionally, there are chances that you are facing this issue due to a defective USB port. Any accumulation of dust, debris, or lint within the lightning cable can also create this problem. For such cases, switch to another USB port of your system. 

So, these were some of the solutions following which you should be able to resolve the problem where the iPad gets stuck on the Apple logo.