Apple TV Error 139 Netflix

How To Fix Apple TV Error 139 Netflix?

‘Error 139’ indicates that there may be some problem with Netflix itself or your internet connection. Luckily, you can Fix Apple TV Error 139 Netflix  by trying some troubleshooting measures. Use online Apple Mac Support for the handy remedy from well-trained staff.

Fix Apple TV Error 139 Netflix

Steps to Fix Apple TV Error 139 Netflix

There are multiple ways you should try out to get your hurdles eradicated from the root. Just stick your eyes on the below solutions and do any one of them on your own:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection First: Error 139 most likely is been faced because of a bad internet connection. Find out by opening some other website. If it does not load or takes a lot of time to load, then damn sure that you have a connection issue. Therefore, disconnect your Wi-Fi, wait till 30 seconds, and then reconnect it. After that you can frequently play the video on Netflix but in case the same error is still showing, then feel free to avail Apple Mac Customer Care Service at the comfort of your home.

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  1. Try A Different Network: The configuration settings on your network may cause the problem. Try to connect a different network by following the below steps:
  • Firstly go to “Settings” and the “Wi-Fi”
  • Now select a different Wi-Fi connection and connect with it by entering password
  • After connection, just go back to Netflix and run your video hassle-freely
  1. Reboot Your Device: Another simple way to eliminate this error is to reboot your device. For doing it, you need to simply turn-off your Apple device and wait for 30 seconds then turn it back on again.
  1. Troubleshoot Netflix Connection for Error 139:If you still see the error, it means that there is a problem connecting to Netflix. To troubleshoot your connection with Netflix, follow the below steps:
  • Firstly check if the date and time of your device is accurate
  • Go to “Settings> General> Date & Time” and then adjust time either manually or by choosing the time zone
  • Update to the latest version of Netflix

Apple Technical Support Phone Number

Dial Apple Mac Customer Care Number +1-855-267-5995 For handy Solution

What!! Are you serious? Am I heard right? Even after following all these above steps, you are still facing the same error. Are you feeling blue because of that? If exactly, then buzz at Apple TV Customer Support Number +1-855-267-5995 where your call will be immediately picked-up by technical staff and they will let you know the procedure of annihilating such an error.