Fix Mac Error Code -8003

How To Fix Apple Mac Error Code 8003?

How To Fix Apple Mac Error Code 8003?

What!! Are you experiencing Mac error code 8003 while trying to empty the Trash? Don’t you know how to deal with such hurdles? Relax! To Fix Apple Mac Error Code 8003, link-up with the technicians via Apple Mac Technical Support Service. Our technical engineers have the ability to deal with not only this particular error but also almost all kind of glitches related to Apple Mac.


Steps to Fix Apple Mac Error Code 8003:

To get rid of this error completely, do the below steps as it is on your own:

  1. Start Mac In The Safe Mode:

Start Mac In The Safe Mode

To begin with start Mac in the safe mode, follow the below steps

  • Shutdown the Mac first
  • Press the “Power” button of your CPU
  • You may hear a “beep” sound
  • Hold the “Shift” key
  • After the “Apple” logo appears on the screen, release the “Shift” key
  • In the new screen, select the “Safe Boot” option and hit “Enter”
  • Mac will start in the safe mode
  • Empty the “Trash” to annihilate such error

If you are still confronting hurdle, then avail our fully free Apple Mac Customer Care Service or else follow the next method:

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  1. Execute Given Command With Terminal:

Execute Given Command With Terminal

Execute the following command to fix this error:

  • Click “Mac” button
  • Go to “Applications” | “Utilities” | “Terminal”
  • Copy and paste the command “sudo rm -rf”
  • Drag the files in the “Trash” folder to the Terminal Window
  • Press the key of your keyboard

Move to next method, if above is not sufficient to you.

  1. Hold down “Option Key” while selecting “Empty Trash” option:

Hold down “Option Key” while selecting “Empty Trash” option

When you select the Empty Trash option, hold down the “Option” key of your keyboard. Both the things should be performed simultaneously in order to exterminate this error.

  1. Use the Shortcut Keys:
  • Open the “Trash” folder
  • Press “Command” + “Option” + “Right Arrow”
  • Press “Command” + “A”
  • Again press “Command” + “Option” + “Right Arrow”
  • Right click on some empty space and then select “Empty Trash” option

If still not getting the above information, then jump to the last methods.

  1. Check File Security Issues: The file security issues could prevent emptying the Trash folder. Deal with the file security issues as shown below:
  • Open the “Trash” folder
  • Right click on “File”
  • Click the “File menu” and then select “Get Info”
  • In the “File Info Dialog” hiton “Sharing” and “Permissions” heading
  • Enable Read/Write permissions. This will fix Mac Error Code -8003

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