How to Fix Apple iTunes Error 2005/2003?

Fix Apple iTunes Error 2005/2003

When the users try to restore the IOS firmware, often they receive the message of Apple iTunes Error 2005 or iTunes error 2003. The error message often displays in iTunes, which means “the iPhone/iPod/ iPad cannot be restored. This is an Unknown error occurred (2005), which is very frustrating for users, especially when they do not know about it.

Some of the causes to happening this error 2005/2003 error, includes USB port, USB cable, device with the computer is not properly connect, and so on. If you are facing the same problem, so you don’t need to take tension about it. You can easily Fix Apple iTunes Error 2005/2003, just by following some troubleshooting methods.

Steps to Fix Apple iTunes Error 2005 /2003 when Restoring your iPhone

Step 1: Verify the USB Connections

Verify the USB Connections

Firstly, you should require checking your USB cable and USB port connection in order to see whether they are working. If you find that they are not normal working, so then you should try using a different USB cable and another USB port of your computer.

Step 2: Perform the Reboot task On Computer

Perform the Reboot task On Computer

If the above step is not working, to remove the Error 2005/2003, then you may also try to reboot your computer, or you can reboot using a different computer directly. This process is a very simple way, and sometimes it works fine.

Step 3: Reconnect your iOS Device

Reconnect your iOS Device

Try to unplug and plug your iOS device in order to verify that if it works well or not. From time to time, an easy reconnect operation is all your requirements to get the issue solved.

Step 4: Restart iTunes

Restart iTunes

You should also ensure that you are running the latest version of iTunes. Sometimes, the old version of Apple iTunes creates a problem in smoothly running the IOS device. So you have will require restarting iTunes to see if the Error 2005/2003 will be fixed.

Step 5: Do a Firmware Reset To Fix Problem

Do a Firmware Reset To Fix Problem

  • Connect your iOS device to your computer and have iTunes open.
  • Then press and hold both the sleep/wake and the “Home” button until the screen goes black.
  • Release the “sleep/wake” button but continue holding the “Home” button for about 20 seconds.
  • Then you should see your iOS pop up in iTunes in recovery mode, that asking for a restore. Your iOS devices LCD should remain black. This is firmware reset mode.

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In case, all the above steps are not working to fix this error code e9004, then you should contact with experienced technicians to fix instantly.

Dial Apple Customer Support Number To Avail the Online Help:-

Customer Support Service Number

Dial iPhone Support Number+1-855-267-5995 now to immediately connect with the Apple customer support experts and get the instant troubleshooting step to this issue. The proficient experts will give awesome, reliable and perfect troubleshooting steps or guidance to fix your Apple associated technical difficulties. Hence, call us now at toll-free number, which is available 24×7 for your help.