How to Fix Apple iTunes Error 11556?

How to Fix Apple iTunes Error 11556?

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company and is quite popular across the worldwide for their various services, be its hardware and software. However, sometimes users are faced with unexpected issues and one of them is Error Code 11556, which happens occasionally while users are trying to load the iTunes store. This means that the users are attempting to do something on iTunes, which is prohibited by the iTunes store in their specific country.

Or even the error code 11556 usually happens when users are attempting to sign in to the iTunes store while they are limited, by parental controls, to iTunes U. It’s really a frustrating situation, and users need to immediately fix it. So, if you are one of those users who is facing the same issue, then don’t worry about it. You will be pleased to know that there are several solutions to easily this error. Therefore, here the blog will guide solutions on to Fix Apple iTunes Error 11556. Then you just follow the steps to quickly get rid the issue.

Steps to Fix Apple iTunes Error 11556:

Solution 1: Change Setting In Parent Control Preferences

Change Setting In Parent Control Preferences

The problem may occur when users upgraded to iOS 7.0.3 and upgraded iTunes as well.  During the upgrade, for many people, the Parental Controls section was automatically changed to block access to the iTunes store by default.  Disabling those controls will eliminate the problem and you will be able to use iTunes properly.

  • Open “iTunes”
  • Click on the “Edit” menu
  • Click on “Preferences” section.
  • Navigate to the “Parental” tab.
  • Under “Disable” section, make sure all entries are unchecked, like Podcasts, Internet Radio, iTunes Store, and Allow Access to iTunes U.
  • Click on OK
  • Now it should work properly

Solution 2: Update iTunes & Drivers

Update iTunes & Drivers

You should try to update your iTunes program to the latest version. An outdated or corrupted version will show you an error code 11556 frequently. Also, you have to remember that only updated device drivers can correctly translate information between your system and software applications, or solve the iTunes error.

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To do this, just follow the steps here:

  • Right-click “My Computer” and then open the “Device Manager” option.
  • Check whether there is any yellow exclamation mark.
  • Right-click on the marked “hardware”.
  • Choose “Update Driver” option.

Solution 3: Uninstalling and then Reinstalling

Uninstalling and then Reinstalling

If the above solution does not work, because, maybe if any file of the iTunes program is corrupted then it will not execute properly and result in such iTunes error code 11556. Then to fix the issue, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling iTunes.

After performing the steps, your issue should be fixed.

In any case, you are receiving the same error, then you should contact our Apple Tech Support team to get instant help.

Customer Support Service Number

Contact at Apple Customer Support Phone Number+1-855-267-5995 To Avail the Online Help:-

You can feel free contact at iPhone Support Phone Number+1-855-267-5995 to fix Apple iTunes Error 11556 and get online help by connecting with the highly skilled Apple Customer support team.  The professionals are very dedicated and helpful in resolving the Apple iTunes associated with technical issues or errors. You just need to call them by dialing this single toll-free number. Where you can easily online talk with the technicians, who work 24×7 days for your assistance. Hence, connect with techies now for further help to Apple technical problems.