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Fix MacBook Running Slow Issue

How To Fix MacBook Running Slow Issue?

It is common for users at some point of time in their life to encounter a situation where the MacBook unexpectedly responds in a sluggish way.  But guess why this happens often? Well, there are a wide number of reasons for Fix MacBook Running Slow issue but, the most common ones are as follows: the reason may be due to hard disk which often gets full and interferes with user’s normal computer operations. Secondly, it may be due to crashes or misbehaving of programs that can lead to disk directory corruption or even application cache files. It’s also quite possible that remnants from older software may still be in use or even users don’t have enough RAM to deal with their OS and the workflow as well. But, don’t worry because our professional team has found a perfect solution to this issue which will qualify user’s need. This blog will further discuss about various steps on how to troubleshoot MacBook running slow issue.

Steps to fix MacBook running slow issue

 Step1: Restart phase

  • It is advised for users to shut down the Mac system whenever they are away and then restart regularly to avoid getting MacBook Running Slow issue.

Step2: Managing the boot system

  • Ensure not to save everything with an aim to boot the drive where all your system files are stored safely. A full boot volume can further lead to a slow start-up as well as performance issues.

Step3: Avoid installing un-necessary software

  • Avoid installing un-necessary software that are not essentially to be used as it can consume much precious hard-disk space. Over the time, various outdated software can surely have un-wanted issue running due to system incompatibility matter.

Step4: Working with the browser

  • Try to work with lightweight browsers such as Safari or Chrome. It is recommended to do so because users in this way can avoid opening too many tabs at once, and yes they will not add infinite browser extensions or even any unwanted plug-ins

Step5: Cleaning up the hard-disk drive

  • Clean up your hard drive on regular basis: maybe it is recommended to do so once in a month.
  • It can also be done on manually mode or even may rely on any other potential tool

Step6: Updated software

  • Always keep any of your software up-to-date, and make sure that you have a good habit of getting software from app Store or even from the software provider’s official website.

Step7: Choosing updates carefully

  • It is always advised not to update your Mac to the latest Mac OS version immediately. Perform a test before doing so. Choosing to update any Mac software when you feel the right time which is always recommended.

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How to Uninstall MacKeeper

How to Remove Mackeeper from Mac?

How to Remove Mackeeper from Mac?

The procedure of Remove Mackeeper from Mac is a very simpler and easier. Actually, Mackeeper is one of the software programs, which is already installed on a Mac OSX. It helps to scan the lost files or even recover lost files, but also sometimes creates an endless issue, when users retrieving the data. So, having MacKeeper on Mac system often can be dangerous for recovering files. Thus, by this blog, you will get easy methods on how you can get rid of MacKeeper problem, and remove it from a Mac efficiently.

Methods to Remove Mackeeper from Mac:

Method1: Uninstalling MacKeeper

  • To uninstalling MacKeeper, users first have required closing the MacKeeper, just by clicking on “X” button, located on the top hand side of the page.
  • Next, go to the Applications folder, and simply drag the MacKeeper app into to the Trash to be sent or deleted.
  • When the pop-up dialog box appears, then choose “uninstall MacKeeper”.
  • Then restart your computer.
  • Now you have been uninstalled MacKeeper.

Method 2: Uninstalling MacKeeper from Mac

  • Go to into your username folder, then Library and then Application Support.
  • There you will find a folder called MacKeeper Helper folder of an application. Drop this folder into the Trash.
  • Duration the process, your computer will ask your password for security settings.
  • Then type your password in the required section and hit on “Enter” button.
  • After, a window will open and ask you, “If you wish to uninstall the rest of it”. Then hit on the “Uninstall MacKeeper”. It will remove most of the files, that sitting on your hard drive.
  • You can also ignore the options that presented, such as “What is the reason for uninstalling?”, “It damages my Mac” and many other.
  • Now you have been uninstalled MacKeeper.

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MacBook Pro 2016

Various Types Of New MacBook Pro 2016 Hardware Issues

Well, there are few customers of the MacBook Pro 2016 version who have experienced severe hardware issues, from keyboard malfunctioning, track pad issues, unexpected speaker technical issues and yes of-course the biggest issue lies with the charging of devices Here in this blog, it will describe various types of new MacBook Pro 2016 hardware issues by our Apple/Mac professional expert team. Below are few biggest, strangest and the most awkward issue that have been reported yet by users.

Issue1: Improper functioning of the keyboard

Several reviewers have already faced severe MacBook Pro’s butterfly key technical glitches that come with noisy, akin to old-school mechanical keyboards.  But users in community forums as of now are experiencing critical issues with keys that are not functioning on their fresh-from-the-box 2016 MacBook Pros.

Issue2: Incompatibility issues with USB-C/Thunderbolt 3

The fact here is that all new 2016 MacBook Pro models feature only USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports, and hence it requires adapters to easily connect to any external hardware devices comes quite as an old news. Perhaps, there are reports that not all USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 adapters are functioning accurately with the new 2016 MacBook Pro models.

Issue3: Overcharging via USB-C technical problems

This is another MacBook Pro 2016 hardware issue which users are currently facing while working with it. The spec sheet of the new MacBook Pro models clearly says that users can charge the computer from any of its USB-C ports while no other person is likely to attach four separate power adapters. Here users may easily attach their regular USB-C charger while attaching a Thunderbolt 3 monitor which contains a USB-C hub, designed especially to provide charge to all the attached devices. The MacBook Pros made a clear acknowledgement that says that a charger is being well attached, and the menu bar icon clearly indicates that charging is well doing its job, but actually the battery wasn’t being charged properly.

So, all these are few common MacBook Pro 2016 version issues that users are facing on frequent basis.

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