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Five tips to speed up your Mac

How To Speed Up The Mac Device?

Similar to other PCs, the Mac can also get into sluggish and clumsy response as the time passes. For  future, the question here arises is how to make your Mac run faster? To help users boost the Mac device and to look them run like all new , our professional team of Apple Mac Technical Support experts have got solutions for them to be presented in front of you. Well, the Mac device is just like any other device which combines various advanced working features for users to be used by them.

Methods to Speed UP the Mac device

Method 1: Enabling Your Mac Run Faster with the Mac Clean software

  • Run the MacClean software and then delete all the junk files on the Mac. Going forward to the left side bar of the MacClean software, there are various items that users can easily choose to scan and remove all the available Internet Junk as well as System Junk. By using these two features, one can remove most of useless junks from their Mac device as suggested by Apple Tech Support
  • Scan and then delete various possible malicious cookies and viruses on the Mac device. With the help of this features of “Malicious Cookies” and “Secure Issue”, users can remove few files that stop the Mac from running faster.

Method 2: Emptying of the “Trans Can”

  • Occupied with huge amount of trash cluttered in your Trans Can not only takes up wide number of available space but also slows the device. To completely remove all the possible unwanted files that you deleted from the Mac and free up the space required by them, one needs to empty the Trash regularly.
  • To empty the Main Trash, just click on the Ctrl+click or right-click on the Trash icon at the bottom-right corner of the dock and then select “Empty Trash” option. All the junk files will be deleted from the Finder.

Method 3: Reducing the Number of Startup Programs

  • It may take a time to boot up the Mac system if a user is working number of programs set to launch when they are in a start phase of the Mac. When the installation of  some applications on the Mac device is in progress, they will automatically be configuring your startup setting so that apps would be loaded up while the boot up of the Mac is going on.
  • Click on the Apple icon and then carefully “Choose System Preferences> Users & Groups > Login icon. Click on the check box which will appear just next to each app is recommended.

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How to Fix printer issues on your Mac?

So, is it the case while you click on the “print” option, and then there is a situation where you have to wait for too long? Nothing happens at this time. Thus your attempt to print the document has surely failed. A brief check by Apple Mac technical support experts have confirmed that the problem is not limited to only one document or one app. In-fact, users really can’t print anything. But now what? There are number of causes and fixes for such kind of print failures that are running across the Mac troubleshooting landscape. It may be due to internet connectivity issues in Mac device, no printer is installed in the Mac devices, Mac device is sluggish to respond, failed installation of the application.

Steps to fix “printer issues on your Mac

Step1: Check for the Print dialog box

  • It is a necessary option for users to find the right kind of printer
  • Next, you are required to resume from a paused printer functioning

Step2: Check for the Print queue

  • If a print job has failed to perform its action, then it is recommended by Apple Mac tech support expert professionals that the printer’s “Print Queue” icon should remain in the Dock, comprising with a badge which will indicate a huge trouble.
  • To check for the “print queue”, simply click the icon to open the Queue’s window.
  • Next, choose the “Apple menu > System Preferences” icon. Click on the “Print & Scan” option, select the type of printer in the list given there, and then click on the “Open Print Queue” option.

Step3: Check for the printer

  • Checking for an appropriate paper is highly needed 
  • Make sure that the printer is on and is well connected with the device
  • Turn off the printer and then turn it on again
  • Check for the availability of the printer ink as well as toner cartridges

Step4: Check for software updates

  • Select the “Apple menu > Software Update” first.
  • If an update for the printer is available, then you are advised to install it. 

Step5: Delete and re-add the printer

  • Go to “Apple Menu > System Preferences” section and then select the “Print & Scan” option.
  • From the list section which is located on the left, select the printer.
  • Click on the “minus-sign (-) “button, located right at the bottom of the list.
  • This will further remove the printer from the print list.

Step6: Check for all the available error log

  • Resetting the “Printing System” is an essential process to perform
  • At last, just tap on the “Control-click” which will signify the name of the printer to bring up its contextual menu.
  • From the “list of items” section, select the “Reset printing system” now.

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Well, your issues related to printer in the Mac device has been solved as of now. Bit still, if you do face the same situation again, then we recommend you to get in touch with our Apple Mac customer support professionals right away! We are always ready to help you out in any kind of situation as and when required by you